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Are you too busy to birth?  Here’s ten tips to help you slow down…

‘Birth is a physiological AND emotional process. Simply put when your oxytocin levels (the love hormone - think how you feel when you’re really happy - that’s oxytocin) are high enough that your contractions can start... your baby will begin making their journey earth side.  So how do oxytocin levels get high?  You need to feel joy and lots of it.’

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Hi my name is Jenna and I am a Night Time Parent (NTP).  Hello Jenna.

‘Oh the shame, the shame of a child who doesn’t sleep all night, right??…Well I have had experience with two of these.  My darling son didn’t sleep through until he was three and a half and my sweet daughter, now nearly four, has only just started doing the odd full night.  Not ideal right?  No, definitely, not ideal.  Wrong?  No not at all and there’s the important difference.’

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Evidence isn't everything

'Pregnancy hormones soften the brain and body and allow right-brain activity to dominate.  If a woman is nurtured during her pregnancy and allowed to surrender to this state, her whole body will act better during labour.  Although medicine can help some women, it also hinders this particular opportunity; because of it's risk-reductive approach to childbirth it keeps women in a left-brain state of mind.'

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