What does a doula do? Part Three

Why doula love you of course!

So if you have read any of my blogs or insta posts or emails, you know I am a big fan of a bit of doula loving.

To me doula love is something so special and unique.

I was recently having a good old chat with Natalie from www.tellmeagoodbirthstory.com about doulaing. As doulas, we often use each other for a bit of doula love ourselves. If we need to deepen our knowledge, gain a different perspective or we just need to download. We were talking about how you do love your clients...which is an unusual yet wonderful part of the job!

It is impossible for me to support a family in this intimate way without loving them. It’s not like loving your spouse, child or friend but it’s definitely love. It’s an emotional, private, personal and incredibly special time for the family and I get to be a part of it.

I care deeply about them and I completely fall in love with what they hope for and do whatever I can to empower them to achieve it.

I would describe doula love as a combination of a best friend, sister and mother rolled in to one with no baggage...a listening ear, open arms and an open heart. There is no judgement in doulaing, only love and understanding.

Doula love is what you need when you’re pregnant, in labour and as a new Mum. You need extra warmth, super sensitivity, tenderness and loving care. You need someone who is completely there just for you, in the way you need them to be there. Doula love is accepting and gentle and endless. It’s an honour and a privilege to give it too.

All I know is that birth is love. You need the hormone of love to get pregnant, more of it to go into labour and then a little bit of doula love to see you home.

If you’d like to experience a whole day of doula love, me and the wonderful Erin McGuigan are hosting our birth prep workshop on Sunday October 7th in Kingston.

Email odulamore@gmail.com for more info.

Doula love