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LOVE your #Mumbod Mamas or your daughters will hate theirs

‘Girls naturally mature quicker and grow up faster anyway but now they are being bombarded with the wrong kind of messages during the soul searching part of their journey, they are having to deal with things they are not emotionally ready for.  They are becoming confused and lost.  Body image is a BIG issue.’

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Hi my name is Jenna and I am a Night Time Parent (NTP).  Hello Jenna.

‘Oh the shame, the shame of a child who doesn’t sleep all night, right??…Well I have had experience with two of these.  My darling son didn’t sleep through until he was three and a half and my sweet daughter, now nearly four, has only just started doing the odd full night.  Not ideal right?  No, definitely, not ideal.  Wrong?  No not at all and there’s the important difference.’

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