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Evidence isn't everything

'Pregnancy hormones soften the brain and body and allow right-brain activity to dominate.  If a woman is nurtured during her pregnancy and allowed to surrender to this state, her whole body will act better during labour.  Although medicine can help some women, it also hinders this particular opportunity; because of it's risk-reductive approach to childbirth it keeps women in a left-brain state of mind.'

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Are we trying too hard at giving birth?

‘There has been a noticeable shift in birth preparation.  Women seem to think that they have to do something to give birth.  Get informed, get aligned, breathe in a certain way, like they're taking a test they need to pass.  Everyone seems to have forgotten that birth is a natural process, an absolute right of passage, as natural for the body as going to the loo, it is a bodily urge to release your baby and bring them into the world.  You don't have to do anything.’

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