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My two minute conversation with Ina May Gaskin

‘...we can plan and plan and plan but we just can't know... and not knowing needs to be part of the plan too.  Finding a way to be ok with that is important.  Antenatal prep should be more about finding your voice to speak up when your intuition is giving off warning signals, helping you let go so you can ride the waves of motherhood and grounding yourself into a calm space so you can handle the overwhelm.’

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What does a doula do? Part one

‘Have you ever been listened to?  Really listened to?  I don't mean going out with with your girls on Friday night, downing prosecco and putting the world to rights.  I mean, one on one, no interruptions, no judgement, just being heard?  No one trying to tell their story, waiting for you to finish, no comparisons, just someone who is completely engaged with what you're saying, cares about what you're saying and quietly listens to you?’

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A positive birth does not mean an easy birth...

‘I can't beat myself up forever but I can make sure I never feel like that again and so that's what I did.  I became a doula and had an amazingly healing second birth.  I'm not saying everyone should run out and train as a doula, although the experience has been life changing for me, but I would say, forgive yourself, go gently and get the right support for next time.’

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