To the First Time Mum in Whole Foods, I see you

I see you lovely, a few hairs out of place, young and beautiful first time Mum in whole foods,
with your cool summer jump suit and Stan Smiths,
with your smiles and your shopping list,
and your buggy and your basket and your worries...

I see your stress and over scheduling and endless demands, the pressures
you put upon yourself to keep it together at all times,
I see you still worrying about the sun on your babe's legs even though
your friend said it was ok,
I see you rushing round and editing your list to the bare few
essentials so your babe doesn't get bored and cranky
I see your sleep deprivation weighing so heavily upon you you can't
find your wallet, anywhere, because time and space are blurred..

I also see your endless love, your heart fit to bursting and your
concern for your sweet little daughter,
I see you wanting her to be ok, be safe and be happy
I see you putting yourself last because she is your priority now
I see you whirring and anxious and all from a place of infinite love

But I can't step in, I can't take it away,
the only way to learn the incredible journey of motherhood is to live it
I can't say it's going to be ok, breathe a little deeper, do less, let go more, because I can't teach you how to be a Mum, because you already know,
it's in your bones and your heart and your soul

I can
let you go first, be patient, smile and
blow bubbles at your babe while you find what you can't even remember
you're looking for

And I can wish you a good day even though I'm not sure you'll feel
like you've had one and I can offer you some solidarity and a little
bit of love 

In your day that is sunny yet I see the heavy cloud of motherhood
above your head...

But one day, you'll be me, looking at you and you can offer the same
warm smile and feel your heart widen a little for this new mother you
now see before you, with a few hairs out of place...

Because we're all in it together.

Doula love