150 things I've done as a doula

I’m celebrating five years as a doula this month so I took a trip down memory lane…what a journey!

Here’s a 150 things I’ve done since becoming a doula…

  1. Held a second old baby

  2. Caught a baby

  3. Sieved poo

  4. Ran for ice to cool a placenta

  5. Not seen my family for two days straight

  6. Had my car towed

  7. Got a parking ticket

  8. Said the word vagina within minutes of meeting someone

  9. Attended a birth when I wasn’t the doula

  10. Attended births for free

  11. Put my family second

  12. Got covered in Vernix

  13. Got covered in amniotic fluid

  14. Missed special events

  15. Checked my phone A LOT

  16. Left my house in the middle of the night

  17. Worn the wrong top and kept my jumper on for an entire birth (hospitals are warm!)

  18. Forgot to pack my snacks

  19. Not slept all night

  20. Massaged most body parts of a woman

  21. Rubbed backs while they were being sick

  22. Held their hair when they were being sick

  23. Helped a Mum shower

  24. Cleared up sick

  25. Cleared up poo, cleared up blood

  26. Got blood out of the carpet (cold water!)

  27. Blown up a birth pool

  28. Put away a birth pool

  29. Cooked for a family

  30. Cleaned for a family

  31. Looked after twins

  32. Supported the birth of a preemie baby

  33. Supported single mothers'

  34. Been the only birth partner

  35. Bought baby gifts

  36. Brought home made food

  37. Been shocked

  38. Been surprised

  39. Been in complete awe

  40. Connected like minded Mums

  41. Flower arranged

  42. Supported Mums for their first and second babies

  43. Supported sisters

  44. Felt that cosmic energy shift just before a baby arrives earthside

  45. Used oils to soothe

  46. Wrote thank you letters

  47. Put cold flannels on hot heads

  48. Doulaed by phone

  49. Poured water down a woman’s back

  50. Hidden from a labouring woman’s eyeline

  51. Witnessed miracles

  52. Witnessed pure and utter strength

  53. Transformed a space

  54. Climbed on beds

  55. Pulled down blinds

  56. Moved beds

  57. Never left her side

  58. Cried

  59. Laughed

  60. Hugged

  61. Kissed

  62. Been kissed on the lips

  63. Fed a woman

  64. Fed a man

  65. Eaten a lot of trek bars

  66. Been cared for by my families

  67. Been appreciated

  68. Blended in

  69. Played music

  70. Cut the cord

  71. Met my tribe, doula sisters you rock!

  72. Walked the halls of hospitals

  73. Snuck a Mum out of hospital to go home to see her other children

  74. Spoken up

  75. Made friends

  76. Opened my heart

  77. Opened my mind

  78. Been called ‘a broom to my curling stone’

  79. Listened to traumatic birth stories

  80. Performed the Rewind technique to support birth trauma

  81. Given one on one yoga sessions

  82. Ran my own yoga classes

  83. Ran birth confidence workshops

  84. Read relaxation scripts

  85. Used my voice like a script when her headphones broke

  86. Held hands

  87. Held legs

  88. Supported lotus births

  89. Made placenta smoothies

  90. Transported placentas

  91. Recorded my voice

  92. Been present

  93. Listened

  94. Shared stories

  95. Been vulnerable

  96. Seen women look so beautiful during birth

  97. Found my calling

  98. Put on the tens machine

  99. Dimmed the lights

  100. Ran the bath

  101. Sat outside the door

  102. Slept on the floor

  103. Slept in a chair

  104. Built relationships with midwives

  105. Seen bad practice

  106. Seen unbelievable acts of kindness

  107. Meditated

  108. Filled the water bottles

  109. Got the tea

  110. Taken off knickers

  111. Put on knickers

  112. Taken off bras

  113. Been allowed to see people vulnerable

  114. Been trusted

  115. Supported with breastfeeding

  116. Ran a Positive Birth group

  117. Joined the Kingston MVP

  118. Became the rep for Doula UK Kingston

  119. Been there

  120. Loved

  121. Watched romcoms

  122. Had a movie night

  123. Put on warm socks

  124. Stroked

  125. Held

  126. Been a human chair

  127. Met incredible families

  128. Not got the interview

  129. Nearly missed a birth

  130. Missed a birth (only once!)

  131. Had two births in a week

  132. Had two births in a day (only once!)

  133. Watched needles go in

  134. Supported ALL types of birth

  135. Been in recovery

  136. Changed a baby’s first nappy

  137. Been peed on

  138. Calmed nerves

  139. Held baby’s hand

  140. Grabbed a blanket

  141. Watched a family be born

  142. Read A LOT of birth and parenting books

  143. Been exhilarated

  144. Been exhausted

  145. Been honoured

  146. Given everything

  147. Missed my family

  148. Met beautiful women

  149. Always trusted birth

  150. Supported nearly 40 births

  151. Had a baby named after me (the highest honour!)

  152. Been so grateful to have found this work

Ok so I went a bit over…If you’re interested in becoming a doula, I can highly recommend it. I trained with the lovely Maddie McMahon at Developing Doulas.

Bring on the next five years!

Doula love