Hi I'm Jenna, a married thirty something recognised birth and postnatal doula with Doula UK, Yoga Alliance accredited pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and loving Mama of two.

I run the Positive Birth Movement Surbiton group, a free meet up for local parents which runs once a month, you can find event details on my facebook page. I have also recently become a Doula UK Doula Mentor which is a real honour to mentor other doulas on their path in supporting families. I am super passionate about women feeling free to be themselves and having the empowering birth experience they deserve.

I live near Weybridge in Surrey with my family and love prosecco as much as I love placentas, only when I'm off call obviously...which isn’t that often ;)

I know just how overwhelming this time can be...I'm here to help you create space to work things through...let's let the light in and breathe mama...

Doula love




'There are cracks in everything, that's where the light comes in'



‘Since as young as I can remember I have always been scared of giving birth, in fact terrified is a more accurate description, it has always been my biggest fear. Finding out in early 2018 that I was pregnant, was the most exciting news but immediately my mind took over and my anxiety grew and grew for the birth of our son. I came across Jenna’s profile online when I was 7 months pregnant, the support from her for my partner and I was invaluable, she immediately calmed my mind and helped me to feel confident in my body’s abilities. She was by my side throughout my whole labour whether it was to rub my feet, put cool flannels on my face or just hold my hand, her calming presence and words of encouragement got me through when I wanted to give up.

Jenna now forever has a special place in my heart, for helping me on the most wonderful day of my life. No amount of thankyous could ever be enough to express how grateful we are for her continued support and love throughout my pregnancy and labour.’

Tamsyn and Cameron, August 2018

‘As a single mum-to-be I had initially planned to give birth with just the support of a midwife. However, after reading a Positive Birth book which talked about the importance of having support and consistency during labour, I asked my midwife about doulas. She put me in touch with someone who recommended Jenna.

I am so glad that I got that recommendation as I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without Jenna’s support during what turned out to be a difficult and long labour. 

Jenna was there throughout, giving me encouragement, cuddles, water, massage, stroking my arm, making the room calm and cosy with tea lights, music and oils. She had taken the time to get to know what was important to me and did everything she could to help make that happen. She stayed with me until I was comfortable in the postnatal ward despite the fact she hadn’t slept for at least 30 hours, and when I got home from hospital feeling overwhelmed and struggling with breastfeeding, she appeared on my doorstep with breakfast, a cuddle, and details of where to find information and support, even putting a call in to one of her friends who gave me some helpful advice over the phone. 

Jenna has such a wonderful, positive and calming energy. She is so warm and non-judgemental that you instantly feel at ease and feel like you have been friends forever. 

It is difficult to express in words the difference Jenna made, but she made such an impact that I named my little girl Lucy Jenna so that we would always have a reminder of such a special person at the start of our adventure.’

Clare, August 2018

‘Jenna was a massive lifesaver for myself and my husband during pregnancy. She was always available during a time for me that was filled with a lot of anxiety and always made time for any questions or worries I had. Despite all of the anxiety I had around labour, the birth could not have gone more smoothly and I think Jenna was a big reason things went so well and I was able to remain calm throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenna and would want her to be my doula again if I have any more children in future.’

Adrianne and Tom, June 2018

'Jenna’s calm and sensible approach was a perfect compliment to us as first time parents and we are very glad we chose her as our doula. She was a great support in the run up to the birth and I often turned to her in various states of panic about something the midwife may have said or something I read online (!). In the birth room itself her calm demeanour was really helpful and she blended in and let us have our space but knew when and how to step in and help where needed and had various tools and tactics that came in useful during labour, and supported our birth plan. We had a difficult labour and Jenna was invaluable in helping us through and supporting us throughout - not sure what we would have done without her. Above all, Jenna is a really really great listener and even though my baby is 8 months we are still in contact and in such a fast paced world her ability to listen and observe impartially are qualities for which I have great respect.'

Lindsey and James, October 2017


'Jenna is a very warm person. Retrospectively, that warmness is what I appreciate most. It made an evident difference in particular to my delivery, and postnatal experience. After all, giving birth is a more personal experience than just medical. Her warmness is just so comforting in the delivery room and when I had to stay in the hospital with my newborn for his jaundice.

In addition, the workshop she organised for us as a doula had a very positive impact on me. I guess, sometimes seeing things from a slightly different angle make you appreciate them more. And this, I think, is particularly refreshing when you are 30 something weeks and delivery becomes more real than ever, hence, you start to get nervous, even the second time.

I would certainly recommend Jenna as a doula. And here I wish all to-be mums good luck; I'm sure Jenna's help would also bring a positive experience for you.'

Danni and Mark, August 2017


'There are times in life when you just know something feels right... meeting Jenna was like that.  Both my husband Grant and I walked back from our first 'positive birth meeting' really pumped and excited... we were like - 'she's AWESOME!'... Grant who'd known nothing about what a doula was 3hrs beforehand was as keen as I was to have her part of our birth.  

All births are a unique journey it seems and mine was no different, I went into labour at over 43weeks, a challenge I hadn't foreseen and one that came with a lot of stress and pressure from the world around me.  

Jenna didn't make choices or decisions for me.  She allowed me to make my own and stayed with me whilst I went through the process of trying to figure that out... she didn't judge me, she held me... and in late pregnancy it turns out that this is a really rare and beautiful gift ;)

I'm eternally grateful that Jenna was there from the moment I needed her in early labour all the way through to Finn being born... and not just there - really present.  To be fair I chose her as I felt a strong connection and bond... yet during the labour it was like she merged into my energy field... and knew when to stroke my hand... or would pass me water just as I realised I needed it... and would know the small question or comment I needed to hear in order to help me go within and regroup myself... In something as intense and unknown as labour it's just incredible to have someone who can be the 'constant, reassuring pillar' so that you don't have to... and so you can always find your way back to a familiar centre when you need it or when it all feels too much.  Jenna was an amazing pillar for me.  She still is.  Thank you x'

Olivia & Grant, March 2017

'Jenna has been an absolute privilege to not only meet, but to have as my doula.  I couldn't have wished for anyone more perfect.  She was so very nurturing and spiritual, yet down to absolute rock at a time when I felt very vulnerable.  Words cannot describe the strength she pulled out of me, to create the birth experience I wanted.  I sincerely wish she had been at all my births!  My partner found her amazingly supportive and my children adored her!  She will always hold a special place in our hearts and I can throughly recommend her...thank you Jenna! xx'

Sara & Steve, December 2016 / January 2019

'This was our first birth (a home-birth to begin with and transfer to hospital), we are very glad that we chose to have a Doula, and Jenna was perfect for us. She was able to answer our questions and address our concerns in the meetings at our home, which helped to keep us relaxed and confident, and gave us a chance to get to know her. She was able to give us lots of helpful advice, for example: putting us in touch with an amazing pre-natal massage therapist (Laura) and a local birth-pool hire person (saving us money on buying a new one). On the morning of the birth Jenna got to our house quickly, she was a very calm, steady and supportive person from the moment she arrived. We had 3 different midwives come to our home during the morning, and when we transferred to hospital in the afternoon there were several new midwives and doctors. Jenna was with us throughout the whole day and evening, helping to keep Emily calm and focused, until 1 hour after the birth of baby Josephine (around 1am). It was so good to have her with us throughout the whole process – to have one constant person that we knew well supporting us during quite a dramatic birth. The post-birth support has been very helpful too (immediately after the birth, and for several weeks afterwards). Jenna, a mum with her own two children, has also helped Emily to connect with some of the other local mums, which has been nice for her to meet new people in the same boat as her.  
Thank you Jenna, love from Emily, Dylan and Josie Xxx'

Emily & Dylan, July 2016

'Jenna is incredibly calm and reassuring but has a quiet strength about her, we were so lucky to have her supporting us for the birth.  Jenna was great at listening to what support we needed and she tailored her pre natal visits to this.  She also gave us good birth support after the birth and sign posted us to lots of useful resources throughout.  We had the calm, quiet, hypnobirth at home that we had hoped for.  I would encourage everyone to seriously consider hiring a doula when preparing for their birth and would highly recommend Jenna.'

Susan and Luke, April 2016

'Jenna is kind natured and empathetic.  She fully supported and empowered me with my birth preferences.  I honestly don't think I would have had the confidence to have a natural home birth without her support.'

Home birth Mama, October 2015

'As soon as you came in, there was a sort of quiet calm, which spread from you to everyone around.  I wasn't sure there was much need for me after you arrived but not only did you support Cat but you really helped me find my place and see where I could help and support her.  It was just amazing having you here.'

Birth partner, October 2015

'Jenna was a fantastic support to us in the late stages of our pregnancy, during the birth and after. Jenna was like a sea of calm and comfort during an exciting, but also a somewhat daunting time! After only a few chats with her I felt empowered and confident in myself both for the labour and afterwards as a new mother. Her suggestions and ideas around the birth truly helped during labour, and I have no doubt that my ability to keep relatively calm during labour was largely thanks to her.'

Clare & Dave, September 2015 / January 2017 / July 2019

'Thoughtful and empathetic, Jenna provided consistent support throughout. She supported my wishes to avoid an induction by referring me to the website as well as the AIMS website and encouraged me to call the AIMS support helpline as well as making me aware that I was within my rights to ask for a meeting with my hospital’s Supervisor of Midwives when I was still unhappy after being pushed towards an induction by my consultant. Jenna helped me realise that I always had a choice in the matter. 
Jenna was very supportive and kept in touch with me with messages of support and reassurance. During labour, Jenna provided constant emotional support for me and my partner. She was very good in keeping the choices I'd made beforehand in mind and reminding both me and my partner of them but not pushing the point. The choice was always up to us. During the active labour stage, Jenna was happy to let my partner take the lead in supporting me but it was good to know she was there to step in if needed. We thought everything that Jenna did was spot on and can’t think how it could have been improved.'

Eva & Rob, July 2015

'Although circumstances meant that I didn't end up using Jenna as a birthing partner she still supported me towards the end of my pregnancy and was always there to help me with any questions and concerns I had about giving birth and she was an extremely positive and helpful support post birth. I could not recommend her more and any mother-to-be would be lucky to share her birthing experience with the calm, kind and positive force that Jenna is.'

Karina, March 2015

'I highly recommend Jenna as a doula...she provided questions and guided me to find a complete birth plan that I might not have done on my own.  She helped me view the pain of birth as a positive process, which was essential in my ability to handle the pain.'

'I thought Jenna was amazing from start to finish.  From the very beginning she embodied what we hoped for and expected from a doula.  She was calm and calming, thoughtful of and focussed on Philippa's needs and how to help her and me overcome our fears.  She was approachable and adaptable.  She also helped me much more than I was expecting offering reassurance, encouragement and calm.  This in turn gave me more strength to help Philippa.  I couldn't recommend her enough.'

Philippa & Ed, July 2014

'Jenna was amazing during labour! I had an epic 36 hour labour and she was supportive, informative and helpful throughout.'

Ali, April 2014