1. a woman who gives support, help, and guidance to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth.


how can i help you?

As a doula, I am completely guided by you.  Ok, so now you're thinking, but I don't know what I need right?!  But, you do.  You know exactly what you need.  However you've read, been told, seen a million other things that have confused, frightened and more than likely overwhelmed you.  In my role, I help you sift through it all, find out what matters to you, what resonates, and what's important to you.  I listen to you, reflect with you, signpost and support you.  You will discover your own answers to your own questions, I will simply create the loving, safe space to do this.  I will intuitively understand you and offer ways to help you find your way.  I will help you to create a path to birth that feels exciting, safe and somewhere you will look forward to going to with a quiet confidence that you are prepared and know what to expect.  You will also feel more relaxed about becoming a mother and all that that involves.  You will be more at ease with knowing that you will figure it all out and it's completely ok to not know it all now.  It's a journey, a journey we'll take together.

Women forget how much we can inspire each other. No one understands us like us.
— Alex Elle

What I can give to you...

  • Birth doula services
  • Postnatal doula services
  • Pregnancy & postnatal yoga
  • Birth trauma healing
  • Doula love

As an experienced doula, I can offer you my in birth experience of being with women in labour as well as my learned knowledge as I keep up to date with the latest evidence and research and what's going on in the birth world.  There is a whole community of support out there just waiting for you.