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What is the Minimalist Birth Online Retreat?

Minimalist birth is all about letting go. A personal journey where you strip back the layers of fear, beliefs and habits that are affecting you and find your way back to yourself so you can have a powerful and positive birth experience.

This virtual retreat has been created because I believe that you, as a gorgeous pregnant woman, need a safe space. A space where you can be utterly yourself and chat about whatever is on your mind and know you will not be judged in anyway, only heard, validated and supported. It’s practical, you will create your very own emotional toolkit for pregnancy that will support you into birth and motherhood. The physical bit of birth you’ve got down. Your body does know what to do. Your body is growing your baby beautifully, it knows how to birth your baby.

The thing is these days we’re all such thinkers. Birth is about the body, and your head simply needs to get out of the way. But how do you do this when you’re busy, stressed, anxious, maybe confused about all there is to do and maybe a bit lost too. Birth is about not thinking, trusting the process and letting go. But letting go is hard. With so much to do, we need to be in control right? We need to have it all together? With all the choice we have and all the advice, resources and experts in the birth world it’s so hard to know what you need to actually do to have a great birth experience.

So this is about creating space to drown out all the noise and start listening to yourself. Really tuning in and feeling safe in the knowledge that you will know what to do when it’s time to meet your baby and you can trust yourself. Only you know what is right for you and your baby and this is a space to help you figure that out so you can step into that power.

Why call it a retreat and not a course?

This virtual space is a retreat because I hope it will not be something to add to your to do list. I’m sure you’ve got more than enough going on. It won’t be a stress or another thing to simply ‘do’. I hope it will be a special place where you would like to retreat to, can’t wait to engage with, relax in and feel the support and doula love calm you. You only do what you feel like doing, this is a no pressure space for you to simply be, just as you are.

What can I offer you?

I am an experienced recognised birth and postnatal Doula with Doula UK. I am also a qualified pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and a loving Mum of two. I have trained in a birth trauma technique for healing and am constantly updating my skills and knowledge alongside my experience as a very active Doula! I will be offering you everything I can, all that I’ve learnt supporting women for the last five years as well as sharing my own personal experience with anxiety and how I have managed to minimise it...but this is not about me deciding what you need, just as I Doula, this is about you. The retreat will be led by you. Each woman in the group will let me know what they need and I will provide you with the tools to kit yourself with the answers to feel relaxed and excited rather than overwhelmed and worried.  We’ll journey together so at the end of the four weeks you feel calm and confident about your birth. You’ll also have some awesome practices to take away with you to support you as a Mum and a woman. 

So what do you get?

Four weeks of interactive online birth preparation with me. This is not a course that tells you what to do. It’s a course to guide you to find your own answers. I will be showing up in the group every day to meet your individual needs as well as the needs of the other women in the group. I will be there for you, to personally support your worries and questions.

What does this mean?

Through a small closed facebook group which will become our private retreat space, you will spend time connecting with yourself, other women and with me to create your very own toolkit to emotionally prepare for birth and motherhood.

What will this look like?

I’m going to take you on a journey each week and you will explore your feelings connected to that week’s set theme.

Each week will contain the following:

  • A Monday night live connection chat

  • Impromptu lives as and when they are needed responding to the group and sharing my insights

  • A relaxation script

  • A meditation and yoga video

  • Daily interaction from me posting my fave articles, doula tips, self care tools and affirmations

  • A weekly interactive personal project to help you let go, dig deep, trust yourself and find your calm and confidence

  • A Sunday evening live Q & A where you can ask me anything about anything! If you can’t show up live you can ask the questions in advance and I’ll answer on the day.

How much does this cost?

I ask for a £25 commitment fee to sign up to the retreat please which includes a 30 minutes chat over the phone so I can get to know you and what you would like from the experience. You will also get your retreat welcome pack of goodies in the post when you book a space.

For my introductory offer to this new course I will be asking for you to simply pay as you go, £25 per week and there is no obligation to complete all four weeks.

When do we start?

I will be running these online retreats when demand is there. Usually being every couple of months.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a space on the next one, please do email me at

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In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves
— Jon Kabat-Zinn